The right ePower for you and your needs
Lithium Ionen Akku mit LED Anzeige für Ladezustand

Full load ahead

With the Pendix eDrive you feel a whole new driving experience and lots of fun. You will try to ride with it as much as possible. The Pendix eDrive is available with two battery options - ePower300 and ePower500. Charging is also easy. With just one movement of your hand, you release the battery from the holder on the bicycle frame. The ePower is simply placed on the included power station and your Pendix eDrive is ready for use in no time at all.

Lithium Ionen Akku mit LED Ring für Anzeige verschiedener Akku Ladezustände

Colors say more than a thousand values. At a glance you know what the state of charge of your battery is.

Elegant and powerful. The eDrive charging station quickly gets your battery back on the road.

Full flexibility with the Pendix ePower range

Whether the battery is small or large, both are compatible with the eMachine, so you can decide for yourself whether you need more or less ePower today and in the future. An additional purchase is easily possible.

Lithium Ionen Akku mit 300 Wh

Pendix ePower300

Pendix ePower500

Up to three modes for maximum cycling fun

The Eco, Smart and Sport support levels can be selected quickly and precisely using the rotary knob on the ePower300 and ePower500. This allows you to find your personal rhythm every time you ride.

Bluetooth interface for Pendix ePower150, ePower300 and ePower500

Press the power button for 4 seconds in SMART mode. At ePower150 press the power button for 4 seconds.

The Pendix ePower has more smart functions

With the USB interface you can charge your external devices.

The light intensity can be adjusted by turning the rotating selector to ECO and pressing the power button for 4 seconds.

For short-term security, there is a shackle on the Pendix ePower, which can be used to guide a lock.

For torch mode, turn the rotating selector to SPORT and press the power button for 4 seconds.

Technical data ePower




battery type

lithium ion battery (removable)

lithium ion battery (removable)


330 Wh

497 Wh


48 V

48 V

Battery dimensions (d x h)

80 x 276 mm

80 x 342 mm

USB-C interface



Bluetooth- interface



Battery weight

2,3 kg

2,9 kg

Charging time per battery

2 h with 160 W charger

3 h 10 min with 160 W charger

Range optimum*

41-79 km

62-120 km


depends among others on driver, driving style, topography and travel mode

Retrofitting with the Pendix eDrive

Whether city, trekking, mountain or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and gives your bike additional momentum. Find the right eDrive for you using our configurator.

To the configurator

For you. At your Pendix dealer.

You can get the Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers, have it installed and upgrade your favourite bike in no time at all, or equip your new dream bike with additional power.