Questions about the drive

Which bottom brackets is the Pendix eDrive compatible with?

The Pendix eDrive is compatible with all bicycles that have a standard BSA bottom bracket with 68 mm or 73 mm width. There is also compatibility with all bicycles with an eccentric bottom bracket sleeve if the eccentric mount is slotted in the frame and tightened by two screws. For safety reasons, installation is only possible in eccentric bottom bracket sleeves made of metallic material (aluminium, steel). Plastic sleeves are not suitable. If you are unsure, contact your dealer or us directly.

How does the system drive when the engine is switched off?

The Pendix eDrive is equipped with a gearless motor, which provides a particularly low-resistance driving experience. The remaining pedaling resistance when the engine is switched off corresponds to that of a hub dynamo and is hardly noticeable.

Is the Pendix eDrive speed or torque controlled?

With a product as high-quality as the Pendix eDrive, it is important that the driveability and the driving experience are right. For Pendix, this includes the most sensitive possible dosage of the desired support as well as a harmonious, natural power output of the engine. For this reason Pendix uses a torque measuring bearing that precisely determines your pedalling force and regulates the motor accordingly.

How does the speed limit work?

The Pendix eDrive comes with a speed sensor attached to the rear wheel. Together with the wheel size set by Pendix in the electronics, the Pendix eDrive detects when the speed exceeds 25km/h and gently shuts off the motor support.

Can I keep the shifting and braking systems in my bike?

The Pendix eDrive is compatible with all derailleur and hub gears and all braking systems, even back pedal brakes can still be used.

What crank lengths can I purchase the Pendix eDrive with?

The Pendix eDrive is available with one crank length. This is 172.5mm.

How many chainrings are compatible with the Pendix eDrive?

The Pendix eDrive can be used with all single, double and triple chainrings.

Do you have any more questions?

Then you can find a Pendix dealer near you here in our dealer search. Just contact him and ask him your questions.

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