Pendix eDrive300 bestehend aus getriebelosem Mittelmotor und 300 Wh Akku

General Questions

What should I know about the Pendix?

According to § 1 paragraph 3 of the German Road Traffic Act (StVG), pedelecs are considered bicycles under traffic law and you do not need a minimum age or a driving licence to use them. So you don't need to take out any additional insurance such as liability insurance and the use of cycle paths is allowed. Pendix specifies a minimum age of 14 years for safety reasons. There is no obligation to wear a helmet, but Pendix recommends that you wear a bicycle helmet.

Why does the pendix only support me up to 25 km/h?

For pedelecs, the maximum speed of 25 km/h is prescribed by law.

Does the Pendix eDrive fit my bike?

The Pendix eDrive fits any commercially available bicycle type, but there are still some requirements that your bicycle must meet in order to be mounted. Here you will find a checklist with which you can check if your bike is suitable for the installation of the Pendix eDrive. All Pendix dealers can also tell you very quickly whether the Pendix eDrive is compatible with your bike.

How long is the warranty on my Pendix eDrive?

The warranty period for the Pendix eDrive is 2 years from the date of installation for end customers. The exact warranty conditions can be found in our AGBs.

Where can I test the Pendix eDrive?

Use the Pendix Dealer Locator to select a dealer near you and request a test drive. In the dealer search, pay attention to the note "Test bike available".

What does "barely noticeable pedalling resistance" mean when the bike is switched off?

You can continue to use your bike as a bike and only switch on the Pendix when you need support, for example on a hill. Since the Pendix e-machine works without a gearbox, there is no mechanical friction that would lead to high pedalling resistance. The resistance is only about 6 watts, similar to a hub dynamo.

How much does the Pendix eDrive weight?

The weight specifications refer to the entire package:
Pendix eDrive300 | 6.9kg
Pendix eDrive500 | 7.3kg
Pendix eDrive1000 | 7.3 kg

Do you have any more questions?

Then you can find a Pendix dealer near you here in our dealer search. Just contact him and ask him your questions.

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