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The Pendix eDrive supports you every step of the way up to tripling your pedalling performance. The power development of the electric motor is so sensitive that a natural pedalling feeling is maintained. In order to ensure this control, the bottom bracket of the bicycle is replaced by a Pendix measuring bottom bracket bearing during retrofitting. The new bottom bracket uses a sensor to measure the force and rotation that the rider applies to the pedals. The drive control processes the signals and calculates the proportional power output of the motor. The coils of the electric motor are supplied with power and thus generate a magnetic field, so that the rotor rotates and supports the driver in his pedalling movement. The chain or timing belt then transmits the combined power of the engine and rider to the rear wheel.

The Pendix motor is a brushless bottom bracket motor designed directly for use on bicycles. This is associated with the positive property that no gear is required. The Pendix drive has no wearing parts and is absolutely noiseless.

We want to provide you with the best possible quality. In order to meet this demand, our production in Zwickau has a high degree of automated processes that guarantee consistent quality. During production, the motor and battery are subjected to standardized quality controls. In addition to these quality controls, we carry out endurance tests so that the longevity of Pendix products can be guaranteed.

Test possibility with the dealer

We work together with a large number of dealers who offer you a test bike for test rides in their shop. You can find all Pendix partners in our dealer search. Set the filter to "Test wheel available".

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